whyattend_speechbubble SHARE will bring influencers from corporate, government, startups, and non-profits together with sharing economy leaders to learn, hear new ideas, and find new collaborators on the road to the new economy.

At Share, you will engage deep conversations on the changing landscape of the sharing economy, and gain an understanding of a variety of models, best practices, challenges, and opportunities, as well as explore what’s on the horizon for this growing movement.

Freelancers, Makers, Individuals, and Peers Members
Deepen your interest in and understanding of the sharing economy and meet face-to-face with other Peers members pursuing and advocating for access over ownership.

Gain an understanding of how and why the sharing economy matters to the future of your business. Get answers to your questions.


Engage in valuable conversation on the current landscape and market dynamics in the sharing economy and make new connections to help advance your business objectives.

Round out your understanding of the sharing economy and its connections to civic engagement and communities of the future.

Non Profits/Community Activists
Engage in a meaningful cross-sector conversation on the social and environmental impact of the sharing economy.


Develop your knowledge on the market and non-market forces shaping the sharing economy today.

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